Philosophy Box

PhilosophyBox (2005)

What does a doctor see when he looks at a body? The expression of health or illness.

What does an artist see when he looks at the same body? A perfect curve, an intriguing silhouette, a unique nuance…

What would many others see? Perhaps just that – nothing but a “body.”

The gaze is intentional – it creates the object as it perceives it, imbues it with meaning. Each look, each eye, unveils a unique, unrepeatable version of reality.

The eye of Octavi Intente discovers a vital spirit in everyday objects that not only imparts movement and feeling, but also gives them moral identity.

The eye of Octavi Intente enriches the landscape with unheard-of elements, opening onto the strange texture of dreams, dreams that are often more coherent, intuitive or hopeful than when roused by reason.

The eye of Octavi Intente converts the instant into a dense and suggestive movie with only one still frame.

Nature acquires a new function – contrivance, the qualities of a living organism; the everyday scene startles us; the reinvented space turns us into accomplices…

The work of Octavi Intente, on display for the first time in the United States, inevitably brings a smile to our lips and an inner nod of the head – it seduces and amazes us by bringing us face to face with something that never occurred to us, and now, suddenly, it appears, obvious and unquestionable.

The hammer, the shoe, the fish, the eggplant, the waiter… any object or character is subject to an ironic, scathing, genuine interpretation, which the spectator has the privilege of getting to know thanks to the hand of Octavi Intente, which is capable of translating his perceptive universe so masterfully to the canvas.

Defining art has myriad pitfalls, like trying to retain the essence of the butterfly by pinning it to a cork.

Nobody licks the label of a wine bottle to find out how it tastes.

We will not make this mistake.

Relax your eyes and take a good, close look.


Andreu F.O.Z.